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Response and Earn is a UK company run by market research experts who allow individuals to earn from online surveys. We ask for your genuine opinions regarding a product or service that suits your profile. Once the focus group is ended, we will pay you for your contribution. Join our community now and be a part of our amazing family!

We are a Part of Cint - A Digital Insights-Gathering Platform

Response and Earn works in cooperation with Cint, a digital insights-gathering platform that collects surveys from all over the globe, which makes it the most trustable survey site in the United Kingdom. Cint has respondents from over 130 countries, making it the best choice to conduct surveys.

Corporations and companies that want to improve their services for customers conduct market research through survey platforms. As associated with Cint, We connect you with individuals for your market research on current and to-be-launched products or services from only one platform. You can visit Cint for more information about how surveys work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a focus group?

A focus group is a group discussion consisting of limited members. The discussion is on a specific topic led by a market research expert.

What do you mean by market research?

Market research means conducting information about what customers need and want. It can be done by different methods, such as focus groups, interviews, and surveys. It is important for businesses to help them reach their objectives.

How will I earn through filling out surveys?

The surveys are conducted by large enterprises for their businesses. When you fill out their surveys about their products or services, they compensate you for your time and honest response.

What do I need to do in a survey to make money?

In our legitimate paid online surveys, you need to give your honest opinions regarding the survey to earn money.